DuPont State Recreational Forest

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DuPont State Recreational Forest - High Falls Access Area

We managed to spend some time at two of the three falls at DuPont's High Falls Access area (called Buck Forest Access Area before June 2010), and re-learned an elementary lesson in the process. (We didn't get to Hooker Falls on this visit.)

Directions to the falls from the access area, provided by the Friends of DuPont Forest, list the trail lengths as half a mile, a third of a mile and less. So we figured we'd just amble off and make a quick visit when we were there in late June of 2007. To make the story of a long afternoon short, we didn't put on boots or carry water, which was a mistake. Trail lengths add up; our rule since is wear boots and carry water, no matter how far we plan to walk.
High Falls, Dupont State Recreational Forest

The High Falls Access is a gravel road that leads to wide, moderately easy trails that go to viewing points. Side trails and trails down to the river are more difficult.

At left below (and at right above) is the view of 120-foot High Falls from the official viewing area, which also has a picnic shelter. You can see the end of the covered bridge above the falls, and the photo to the right is looking back toward the viewing area and picnic shelter from near the bridge.
High Falls at Dupont Forest lookingback from High Falls

A steep trail from the viewing area leads to this point at the foot of High Falls. bottom of High Falls
horses above High Falls
Many of DuPont's trails are open to horses, and these riders were giving theirs a break near the top of High Falls.

The viewing spot for Triple Falls is less than a mile from the High Falls viewing/picnic area. The three cascades cover 150 feet, according to the Friends. Triple Falls
There are plenty of wide areas among the rocks near the two falls, and they are popular places for getting closer to the roaring water. However, as we've pointed out elsewhere, this can be dangerous, and the falls at Dupont claim lives every year of those who've been careless or foolish. (The Asheville Citizen Times reported that a 54-year-old man died from a fall at High Falls a week after we were there, but their Web site doesn't archive the article.) people at Triple Falls
Respect the rules. Don't go where you don't belong.No Entry signDuPont State Recreational Forest straddles the border of Henderson and Transylvania counties.